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    Productivity Tips

    Every week, we share tips on how to be more productive. We also share interviews and invite top performers to share their tips.

    A lot of Cats

    We combine productivity and cats! So in addition to useful tips, you'll often get cat gifs, facts, and videos. That's how we make productivity fun!

    Useful Tools

    The tools you use can have a big impact on your productivity. We'll introduce you to the best and newest productivity tools on the market.

    TodoCat updates

    We're working hard on the TodoCat app! We'll briefly share how we're doing on a regular basis, and we'll share our roadmap.

    Coming soon! TodoCat combines productivity with cats 😸

    Productivity tools are always so serious. Let's change this. Life isn't just about checking off lists, right? That's why we are building TodoCat.

    TodoCat is a fully functional project management app

    TodoCat lets you manage all your projects. We make working in a project management tool not only very convenient, but also fun!

    Intuitive structure to manage all your projects

    From planning small homework to a big project IT, TodoCat makes it all possible. We combine overviews, lists and kanban boards in one clear and smart application.

    Lots of fun and unique features

    TodoCat is super useful! For example, there's a cat timer that lets you set how long you want to work and how much break you want to take. During the break, you can watch cat videos or do cat yoga... Who wouldn't want to do that?

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